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Some Unique Things to Try for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on: January 22nd, 2013 by BrevardBlogger 13 Comments

We’ve all heard the same old suggestions to living healthier and creating New Year’s resolutions: Eat better, exercise more and so on and so forth. The list of overused recommendations seems to continue endlessly from various reliable and unreliable sources. We have some interesting and effective suggestions for making 2013 your best year yet.

To help yourself improve your health this year, try starting a regular exercise regiment in combination with eating healthier.


Do you remember that thing called the food pyramid that we learned in earlier years? It was recently changed in 2011 to portray a plate and glass with five food groups, but the idea is the same: Keep your food intake healthy and balanced. A very common statement with dieting is that you must eat more fruits and vegetables, cut down on fat, etc. Though true, the focus in that statement is about eating a more balanced diet. It’s not all about the protein and fat. There are other areas that need to be considered such as carbs, sodium, sugars and fiber.

Additionally, studies have shown that keeping smaller bowls and plates, creates smaller portion sizes. Not only does this save you money, but it also keeps your hunger satisfied, without overeating.


It is important to keep your muscles and joints fresh and moving. Make sure that you’re doing the right exercise for the right reasons. Exercise isn’t all about losing weight or increasing strength. There are additional benefits such as increased heart health and flow of oxygen to the brain. Other popular benefits are increases in balance and flexibility. Especially when we start getting older, balance allows you to stay on your feet longer and more comfortably while flexibility provides a more free range of motion for day-to-day activities. Do some research into resistance training, an increasingly popular form of exercise perfect for blood flow and strength maintenance. It also doesn’t require much equipment so save some gym membership money!

Mental Health

Mental health is commonly overlooked for New Year’s resolutions and personal goals. Recent studies have shown that your goals are affected by your attitude. Keeping a healthy and optimistic mind keeps your internal mental health in top shape. Surrounding yourself with the same kind of people has the same effect. Especially when creating New Year’s resolutions, being around people with the same interests and goals provides motivation, a support group and peer goal maintenance.

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, always keep your goals within reach, but not too farfetched. Test out the waters in the beginning and learn what is too easy and what is too hard to find a nice middle ground. Too difficult of goals can create stress, which is not what your mental health needs or deserves.

Lastly, whether you follow our suggestions or create your own, consistency is essential. Don’t fall off the wagon for a week or two or take a break from your routine. Always keep yourself in check. If you cheat on your goals, you cheat on yourself. From all of us at Brevard Medical Equipment, good luck and enjoy this new year!

A Healthy Thyroid Means a Healthy You

Posted on: January 10th, 2013 by BrevardBlogger 9 Comments

January is Thyroid Awareness Month and at Brevard Medical, we felt that it would be beneficial to discuss the gland and its role to the body and its functionality. The thyroid influences many of the body’s most important activities and can be a key piece to a healthy lifestyle. Various thyroid disorders can be the cause of some serious health issues. Unfortunately, more than half of the approximately 30 million Americans affected by the disorders remain undiagnosed.

You can ask your doctor for a thyroid scan like this one to help determine the condition of the gland.

The thyroid is a small gland located at the base of the neck, below the Adam’s apple, and is one of the largest endocrine glands. It controls the body’s use of energy, production of proteins and optimization of the amount of oxygen used by cells. This is just scratching the surface as the gland works in conjunction with some of the body’s largest organs, including the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and skin. Each listed organ is a large part of your body’s health and that is why the thyroid deserves more attention than it receives.

There are numerous problems that may arise from an unhealthy thyroid. Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism (the most common disorder) are the over- and underproduction of thyroid hormone. A change in hormone levels can create a fluctuation and imbalance of weight, blood pressure, heat sensitivity and numerous other problems. Other thyroid disorders may cause swelling of muscles, tissue and even the gland itself, forming a visible goiter. Thyroid cancer, another major problem, is one of the fastest growing cancers, yet one of the most curable. As with all cancers, an early detection can result in a significant difference in treatment.

The best way to stay proactive toward the thyroid is by performing the thyroid “neck check.” This simple evaluation, created by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, is a quick and proven method of checking for any abnormalities in the gland. All you need is a glass of water and a handheld mirror. The simple steps involve tilting your head back, taking a drink of water, swallowing and watching your neck as you perform the check. Identifying protrusions, bulges or any irregularities could be a sign that it’s time to consult a physician.

The important thing to remember is that staying on top of your thyroid and performing routine and regular checks can mean early prevention of conditions, disorders and diseases. This is month to recognize the thyroid, especially because it can greatly affect your wellbeing and comfort. We are always there to keep our patients healthy and relaxed in comfort.

For further information about the thyroid, including the thyroid “neck check,” visit

AACE is the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Founded in 1991, the AACE is the voice for clinical endocrinologists. Their 6,000 members in the US and 91 foreign countries make the organization the largest official group of advocates and professionals for the endocrine system.