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Not Your Typical Allergies

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That looks like it hurts! Rubbing doesn’t make it better!

In these summer months, you tend to see people suffering from typical allergies from pollen, dust or animals. The typical reaction to these allergies are sneezing, running noses, coughing or all the above!  Brevard Medical Equipment wants to learn about other allergies that are out there like skin and eye allergies.

You may want to speak to an allergy specialist if you repeatedly see redness, blistering, itching, hives or rashes on your skin.  You may have gotten into something that your skin and body don’t exactly agree with.  Allergic contact dermatitis is better known as skin allergies and it happens when you come in contact with an allergen that your skin is sensitive or allergic too.  Each allergen you come in contact with may have its own treatment plan.  The most common skin allergies you may come into contact with are poison ivy, poison oak and sumac, a small tree.

It’s best to treat the rash as soon as possible. Wash the affected area with soap and water as best as you can and don’t itch if you absolutely don’t have to. There are over-the-counter medications, like cream and ointments, can provide relief too.

Allergic conjunctivitis, or eye allergies, happens when there is inflammation to the inner tissue of the eyelid. Your eyelids help keep your eye moist.  The most common eye allergy is pink eye.  Pink eye is caused by allergens, and if bacteria or viruses get in the eye it gets worse. Pink eye can be spread easily from person to person.  Pink eye looks bad and I uncomfortable, but isn’t a serious health issue and can be treated fairly quickly if diagnosed right away.  Pink eye treatments vary per person but include trying to tear up and holding cold or warm cloths on your eyes to relive some of the pain or itching.

It’s always interesting learning about different allergies and what people have to go through to get them feeling better. If you want to learn more about any allergy, take a look at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

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Drowning in the Remaining Summer Months

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Remember to wear a life jacket if you’ll be out on the water.

Everybody loves spending time in the water or out in a boat on a lake. These are great American summer pastimes. Did you know about ten people die from unintentional drowning situation every day? Of the ten people, two are children 14 years or younger. Brevard Medical Equipment wants to keep you and your family safe this summer and to understand what some drowning risks are, to help you prevent a drowning incident this summer.

According the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the main risk factors of drowning are:

  • Lack of swimming ability – a number of children and adults cannot swim well enough to save themselves. Don’t be ashamed if you have to take swimming lessons.  Lessons for adults or children will greatly reduce your drowning risks.
  • Lack of barriers – A fence or barrier should be put up around your backyard pool.  Having a fence up reduces a child’s risk of drowning 83 percent!
  • Lack of supervision – Make sure to keep an eye on your children as well as other adults.  Even if there is a lifeguard on duty, still keep a strong lookout.
  • Location – Young children aged one to four are most likely to die in family pools.  As we get older, we’re more likely to drown in natural waters like ponds, rivers, lakes and oceans.  These bodies of water account for more than half of all drowning accidents.
  • Seizure disorders – There are many reasons and causes for seizures.  Seizures cause the sufferers to drown because of unintentional injury.  The major risk is not in a pool, river or ocean; amazingly it’s with the bathtub.

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