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8 Ways to Enjoy Recovering from Surgery

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Recover from surery with ease.

Don’t dread recovering from surgery. These 8 ideas will keep you busy and productive.

People undergo surgery for countless reasons. Whether someone wants a new nose or needs a knee replaced, 56 million Americans undergo surgery every year. Surgery in itself can be a difficult and trying time. People have anxieties of receiving anesthesia and being under for hours at a time. They wake up to new stitches and an opening that didn’t exist before. Their body has to learn to accept the internal change and heal itself with the help of medication. The healing process can be quick or lengthy depending on the severity of the procedure. Many people dread recovering from surgery because it can be painful, uncomfortable, and boring. Brevard Medical Equipment offers an abundance of supplies for your health and comfort needs. We invite you to visit our site and find products that can ease your mobility and increase your safety. Here we have provided 8 ideas for making your time after surgery enjoyable.

#1 – While at the hospital or upon your return home, make a list of all the cards, flowers, or visits you received. Take time to write heart-felt letters of appreciation to those who supported you during a difficult time. By recording everything from the beginning, you will be less likely to forget anyone.

#2 – Download a book on tape or new music to entertain yourself during the days and nights at home. They can be played through headphones or on a large system to be heard anywhere in the house.

#3 – Tackle a task on your bucket list. Whether you’ve always wanted to knit, write a novel, or make a quilt, now is the perfect time to start.

#4- Collect your favorite recipes from different cook books and compile a master list. Visit Pinterest for a variety of unique meal ideas and have ideas ready to make when you are feeling better.

#5- Pamper yourself with a bubble bath, manicure, facial, or massage. Your body has been through a lot and deserves extra treatment.

#6 – Clean out junk drawers filled with useless items. You will be shocked to discover the amount of things you own that no longer serve a purpose. Whether you decide to toss or sell them, simplifying can make you feel lighter and make your home look neater.

#7- Take notes of the areas in your home that need an improvement. Shop online for room themes or furniture you would like to incorporate. When you are better you will be able to tackle the project or hire help to do so.

#8 – Puzzles are a great way to kill time and exercise your brain. When engaged in a puzzle, the brain releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for learning and memory, decreasing the risk of memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

We encourage you to use your down time to do things that are enjoyable and will ease your recovery. Visit Brevard Medical Equipment online and don’t hesitate to give us a call!


Introducing a Wheelchair into a Home in 4 Steps

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Aids to assist a wheelchair patient in the home.

Tips for a wheelchair assessable home.


Introducing a wheelchair into a person’s life for the first time can be a big adjustment. They will have to make accommodations to their home, bathroom, vehicles, and daily routine.  Family and friends may also have to learn to adjust to the new addition. Whether a patient has been confined to a wheelchair because of an accident, injury, or surgery, learning to live with a mobility aid can be a stressful time. Brevard Medical Equipment has an abundance of wheelchairs to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a transport chair for temporary use or a reclining chair, we hope to provide you with one that will ease your mobility. Here we have offered 4 considerations to make in your home before introducing a wheelchair for the first time.

  1. Doorways must be at least 36 inches wide for a chair to fit comfortably through. Ensure your front door, hallways, bedroom and bathroom doors are all wide enough.
  2. Transfer chairs are recommended for increased bathroom safety. A wheelchair patient will be able to bathe or shower easier with a durable and easy to assemble bench. They come in different styles and colors for your needs.
  3. A reacher can be of great use to someone who has difficulty bending or limited mobility. When confined to a wheelchair it may be helpful for someone to have an arm extension. If a patient is home alone it is especially important for them to have access to items placed up high or on the ground.
  4. A bedside table can be helpful to someone who may be spending more time in bed or has limited mobility. They can eat or read easier with a table right beside them.

We hope you are able to accommodate your home appropriately for yourself or a loved one who uses a wheelchair. Brevard Medical Equipment invites you to visit our site and find supplies to aid your life.  

Pain Relief and Management: Quick Solutions

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pain relief

Fast Freeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief Gel is one of the many products we offer that can reduce aches and pains.

Pain management can be hard to keep up with when you are dealing with muscle aches and different pains in your back. With age, these pains seem to be increasing in frequency and discomfort, so you need a solution. At Brevard Medical, we understand that you need quick answers to make the pain tolerable so you can move on from the annoyance of these occurrences.

When aches and pains get in the way of living your life that can become a problem. Brevard Medical has pain management products that were developed to quickly give you a solution to getting your pain under control.

Muscle Pain Management

Your muscles may be sore from being physically active or from every day activities. Your muscles need relief and Brevard Medical has an affordable option that is comparable to the product known as Biofreeze which is a gel based skin applicant that gives the effect of hot and cold pain relief. Fast Freeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief Gel is half the price of comparable products and provides the same pain management. This product is ideal for arthritis pain and literally freezes the pain away!

Chronic Pain Management

Chromic pressure pains can be unbearable because they never seem to go away. Brevard Medical understands that you need a solution that is easy, affordable, and quick for your convenience. The EqualGel Cushion is made for advanced pressure redistribution to relieve those spots that are constantly feeling the pain issues. The all gel cushion is ideal for just about anyone needing pain management because it is gently contoured to provide stability.

Besides using cushions and gels for pain management, we offer other types of products for your relief. Pain relief may also be needed for other reasons so we provide a variety of offerings. From allergy relief to eye care, we have all of your pain management necessities.

Celebrate Children’s Day with Pediatric Equipment

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Pediatric care

Children need special equipment for their medical needs. We offer children’s walkers and nebulizers.

Children are a major part of our lives and they bring joy to us through their laughter, imagination, and playfulness. National Children’s Day is celebrated across the world on various days, but in the United States it is celebrated on the second Sunday of June.

This year we have a couple of ways to celebrate Children’s Day for your family and we have products that are specifically made for children. If they are dealing with a medical condition, illness, or a temporary problem, Brevard Medical has anything your family will need.

Our pediatric equipment is affordable and practical for all of your child’s needs. Whether they need a new walker because they are having a growth spurt or a cast cover is needed for the summer months at the beach, we have it all. Our prices are the best in the area and we can offer you the quality service you need and your child deserves.

We have highlighted a few of our products for children for you to consider:

  • CURAD Child Cast Protectors are perfect for the kids to enjoy the Florida sun while dealing with a broken arm or leg. The opening stretches to fit over the cast then regains its original shape to protect from water and fits tightly.
  • We offer an assortment of cost efficient diapers and wipes for the little ones. Brevard Medical is the one stop shop for all of your baby’s diaper and wipes needs.
  • We have many children’s walker options and the right one is waiting for you to order. Some of the options include folding, wide, padded, and non-folding. Whatever your needs are, Brevard Medical can help you find what you are looking for.
  • We carry pediatric respiratory equipment that makes breathing treatments fun. We have child sized nebulizers, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they are using the right equipment.

Brevard Medical knows you want the best for your children and we do too. We have many more products in our online store.