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Adding more fruits and veggies to your daily meals

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Week 3

Your doctor may have advised you to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, but that can sometimes be a challenge! But, since September is officially Fruits and Veggies month, we thought we would share with you some stealthy ways to sneak more of them into your diet:


For many people, breakfast can be a rushed affair. It’s tempting to just grab a muffin or something from the drive-through to satisfy that morning hunger. But, with a little bit of prepping the night before, you can have a morning meal that includes fresh fruits and veggies. Cut up some fruit just before bed and throw them on some instant oatmeal or yogurt in the morning. Still don’t have time? There are some great mason jar oatmeal recipes here. Instant breakfast, made a week in advance, and full of fresh fruit!


A spinach salad is a great way to not only get a lot of veggies, but also those leafy greens that are so great for heart health. If you’re just not into salads, another option is to pile vegetables high on your favorite sandwich—you can even change it up by adding fruit. Ham and pineapple go great together, as do turkey and apple.


Everyone needs their sweet tooth satisfied, so why not do that with some dried fruit? Make sure you read the labels, however, to make sure sugar hasn’t been added.


For dishes such as casseroles, it’s really easy to add more veggies without really noticing. Take whatever casserole recipe you like best and at least double the amount of vegetables the recipe calls for.

Just a few small changes is all it takes to start on the road to better health! For more ways to increase your overall health, check out some of the items we have in our online catalog.


Yes, you CAN lower your cholesterol

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Week 2

A high cholesterol can have a number of negative health impacts, including your heart. Maybe your doctor’s been on you lately about getting your cholesterol level down. Well, since September is National Cholesterol Education Month, what better time than to start a few life! Below are five easy steps to get on the road to better cholesterol:

Get rid of a few pounds

We’ve all heard this one a few too many times! But, don’t let it intimidate you—studies have shown that even shedding a few pounds is enough to lower your cholesterol number.

Lots of heart-healthy foods

Hey, maybe you’ve stopped getting dinner at the drive-in, and that’s a great first step! The next step is to add foods that will further decrease bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. This can be done by eating more fish, which are higher in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as whole grains and leafy greens.

Exercise every day

It doesn’t have to be anything extreme. In fact, 30 to 60 minutes of walking every day can be great for lowering your cholesterol number. If that’s not an option, try other forms of exercise such as dancing or spinning.

Stop smoking

Even if you’re not worried about high cholesterol, you should still seek to end this habit. There’s numerous medical studies on how it’s just not good for you, but it’s especially bad for your heart—and your cholesterol level. Plus, once you stop smoking, it will make those 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day so much easier!

Moderate alcohol

Don’t start drinking if you don’t already. However, if you already imbibe, very moderate amounts on a daily basis can be good for your cholesterol. That means no more than one or two drinks a day for a man or one drink a day for a woman.

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Yes, you CAN lower your cholesterol