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Home Safety – Don’t overlook it

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Getting older—let’s face it, it happens and there isn’t anything we can do about it.  As the years increase in number, our mobility tends to decrease.  As we lose mobility, everyday tasks can seem more difficult and, in some cases, actually hazardous to our health.  When focusing on assisting with mobility and accessibility, the bathroom has arguably more products available for it than any other room in the house.  This month, we plan on presenting you with a two-part series on home and bathroom safety and will discuss the dangers of falls and some ways to help prevent them.

Here are some eye-catching statistics to think about:


  1. Treatment for hip fractures typically includes surgery and hospitalization, usually for about one week, and is frequently followed by admission to a nursing home and extensive rehabilitation.
    If you are recovering from a hip fracture, plan on a minimum of six months of aggressive physical therapy that will involve weekly visits and daily mobility and strengthening exercises.
  2. Falls result in more than 2.4 million injuries treated in emergency departments annually, including over 772,000 hospitalizations and more than 21,700 deaths.
    While falls are serious health risks, there are some ways to help avoid them through certain products and being more mindful of where things are.
  3. Falls account for 25 percent of all hospital admissions, and 40 percent of all nursing home admissions.

People do not like the feeling of losing their independence, so the transition from independent living to an assisted living facility, or even a nursing home, can be a difficult one for a lot of people.

  1. 55 percent of all falls take place inside the home.
    Tripping while walking, slippery bathroom floors, door frames, etc. all statistically cause the most damage. Most people think slippery sidewalks and steps are bad, but actually, most falls take place at home.

While these statistics are serious, they don’t even include all of the falls that go unreported.  If you have an elderly loved one that still lives at home, make sure to educate yourself on fall prevention and what to do if a fall occurs.  Be sure to check out our product catalog at Brevard Medical Equipment for your mobility and bathroom safety related products.  Or call us at 1-321-453-3370.


*All stats are pulled from the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC)

January is Bathroom Safety Month Part 2

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January is Bathroom Safety Month and Brevard Medical Equipment is trying to keep you and the people in your life safer. Remember that almost 640 people visit to the ER every day because of bathroom relates injuries! We don’t want any of you to be part of that statistic.

Last time we talked about grab bars and toilet safety rails as simple solutions to prevent many problems, injuries and even death. Brevard Medical Equipment offers many other solutions too.

Commodes are not a new invention. As a matter of fact, they have been around way before most indoor bathrooms! Commodes are primarily designed to be used in the room of patient and by people with limited mobility and those who may have trouble getting to the bathroom in a hurry, at night or when they are sick. Many times it’s the hurrying to the bathroom that can be the cause of the fall or injury. These commodes can be used in almost any room and are easy to store when they are not needed. They can also be used in tubs and showers. They are available in many sizes, styles and designs. Talk to the experts at Brevard Medical Equipment today.

Shower chairs are another relatively simple but very effective product that can add a lot of safety to the bathing process. For people who have trouble sitting all the way down into a tub and getting back out of the tub and to relieve the lift or caretakers, a shower chair is a great solution. Easy to use and with no installation in most cases, these sturdy chairs are a great, low cost solution for safety. These chairs are available with and without backs and come in standard and bariatric sizes. They are portable enough to take with visiting hotels or other people’s homes.

Ask a professional from Brevard Medical Equipment about getting any of the items today and bathe more safely tomorrow.

January is Bathroom Safety Month Part 1

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January is Bathroom Safety Month and Brevard Medical Equipment knows just how important safety in the bathroom is to our customers.  Studies show that about 640 people 15 years old and older have visits to the ER every day because of bathroom relates injuries! That’s 640 every day!

Bathrooms are filled with moisture and water, they often have slick flooring, there are many hard surfaces (toilets, tubs, counter tops) and they are used many times a day and night, so the odds of getting hurt in that room are pretty high. While there is no way to avoid all falls and injuries in the bathroom, there are many products available at Brevard Medical Equipment that can make your bathroom safer and reduce the risk of injury.

Grab bars are a simple and affordable option and provide added safety in the bathroom. These bars are secured to the wall and come in various sizes and even colors and looks. More importantly, these bars are designed for safety. These bars are NOT towel bars and should not be used for that purpose in the same way that towel bars should never be used as grabs bars.  Grab bars can be installed near the toilet area to make standing and sitting easier and safer. They can be installed near the shower and tub area to make entering and exiting a tub safer and prevent falls. They can also be installed near the sink and vanity for people who may use a wheelchair, but may stand to use the sink or mirror. The grab bars are easy to install, but we still recommend they be installed by people familiar with installation or construction to ensure they are done correctly.

Toilet safety rails are another easy to install option. These rails are basically arms that are added around the toilet to give a person more support as they are sitting or standing up. Rubber feet and hand grips mean that these rails are non-slip. Another simple solution to a big problem!

Ask a professional from Brevard Medical Equipment about either of these items today and stay tuned for more bath safety ideas in our next blog.