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Tips for Healthy Aging with Brevard Medical

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Healthy aging is important, so read our blog for tips.


Some people think of growing old as an experience they are not looking forward to. Brevard Medical is here to tell you different by celebrating Healthy Aging Month. September is Healthy Aging Month and it is focused around the bright side of aging and staying positive as age increases.

The process of aging is filled with family time and new experiences after retirement. An important part of healthy aging is taking care of your body physically and mentally. Aging does not have to mean you are stuck in the house and can’t get out and see the world. Healthy aging month is all about shining a positive light on aging gracefully and well. Brevard Medical is bringing you tips for healthy aging month.

  • Exercise your mind. As we age, it may seem like we lose some cognitive ability. Fight it by staying sharp! Work on crossword puzzles, regularly read books, and memory games.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a helping hand. A walker or cane can keep you from falls and injuries. There is no better way to age gracefully than to age without getting hurt.
  • Stay physically active. Whether you take your dog on a short walk every day or you tend to the garden, physical activity will help you feel and look better than ever before.
  • Hang out with supportive and loving people. There is nothing like having great friends and family to keep you occupied and happy. Stay busy so you don’t have to spend much time alone. Consider joining a club or lunch group to stay social.
  • Get up and dance! Dancing is great for your mind, body, and soul. It can keep you physically active and social. You won’t even feel like you are doing a workout and dancing keeps your mind in check.

Healthy Aging Month is all about you at Brevard Medical, so contact us today for all of your home medical needs. We are here so you can age gracefully!

Fruits and Veggies, More Matters

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More fruits and veggies can keep you healthy.

Brevard Medical strives to bring you products that are life changing and helpful to your everyday life. Healthy eating is an important part of aging well and staying independent. September is Fruits and Veggies Month, with the theme “More Matters.”

This means all forms of fruits and vegetables matter, canned, frozen, fresh, or dried. As long as you are getting the many benefits from these healthy foods, it doesn’t matter how you are taking them in. Less than half of Americans get adequate fruit and vegetable consumption each week. We are going to give you a few reasons why “more matters.”

More matters:

  1. Fruits and vegetables are vibrantly colored and add flavor to your plate. Your plate will be more colorful and appealing.
  2. More fiber in healthy foods. Fiber can keep you feel fuller longer, so you are less likely to overeat. Your digestive system will also benefit greatly.
  3. Variety of options. There are many different fruits and vegetables out there that you may have never even heard of. Fruits and veggies give you many opportunities to make delicious and healthy recipes.
  4. Low in calories. Fruits and vegetables can settle sweet and salty cravings for a lot less calories than junk food. They leave you feeling satisfied without the guilt after.
  5. Quick and natural snack option. You can feel good knowing you are eating a food that is not heavily processed. They are conveniently easy to wash and peel on the go.
  6. Packed with vital nutrients. From calcium to vitamin C, you can find that all fruits and vegetables are packed with good things for you. From inside to the outside, fruits and veggies can keep you healthy all around.

Now that you know why “more matters” when it comes to fruits and veggies make a list of these healthy foods to get at the store next time you go. Contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.

Top 4 Ways to Care for the Caregiver

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Since Mother’s Day is in May, Brevard Medical Equipment wants to talk about the role of the caregiver and caring for aging moms and dads, and spouses and children with disabilities or injuries.

The needs of the caregiver are often overlooked by the person getting the care, the other family members and the caregiver themselves.  Here are some caregiving tips and advice to make the process easier.

  1. Educate yourself on any conditions that are impacting the person you are caring for. The internet is a great source for information, but don’t trust everything you read. Doctors, nurses and support groups have great information too. Remember to trust your instincts. Be open to new ideas, but if any part of the caring process or even what the professional says doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Remember that you don’t have to be the only caregiver. Ask. For. Help. Reach out for help with other family, friends and local agencies. Rely on those friends and family and if friends and family ask how you’re doing, tell them and tell them honestly. They may not have any idea what’s going on in the situation and may be willing to help. Remember to talk to other caregivers about the unique trials of caregiving. You’ll learn more and learn that you’re not alone.
  3. Don’t hurt yourself or your back. There are many dressing aids, walkers and wheelchairs that can help. Talk to the experts at Brevard Medical Equipment and let us help. If the person is too large to handle, it violent or abusive, you may need to have more help to keep you (and them) safe.
  4. Remember that caring for the caregivers is the focus and if you are the caregiver, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Watch for signs of depression or exhaustion in yourself. You are no good to them if you are mentally and physically worn out or sick. Don’t hesitate to seek treatment and don’t feel guilty for doing it.

If you need assistance in providing care for your aging parents, Brevard Medical Equipment is here to help, so don’t hesitate in contacting us.