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Nutrition and COPD: What You Need to Know (Part 2)

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Nutrition and COPD Part 2

Nutrition and COPD: What You Need to Know (Part 2)


In part one of this two-part blog post, we discussed the importance of good nutritional choices for people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. Solid dietary habits can help these individuals maintain good energy levels and ideal weights, which can both aid in comfortable, efficient breathing.

Today in our blog post, Brevard Medical Equipment offers suggestions on foods to include and avoid in your diet, along with some nutritional tips that you might never have heard!

Tip #1: Control the sodium (salt) in your diet. High sodium intake can cause the body to retain too much water, which often makes breathing more difficult and uncomfortable. Here are some tips for reducing your sodium levels:

  • Remove the salt shaker from your table, and don’t add salt to foods when cooking.
  • Instead, try flavoring foods with herbs, spices, or salt-free seasoning blends.
  • Check food labels! Avoid foods that have more than 300 mg of sodium per serving.
  • Ask your doctor before using salt substitutes. Often, they contain ingredients that can be just as harmful as salt.


Tip #2: Include high-fiber foods in your diet. Fiber helps to move food along the digestive tract and control blood glucose levels, which can both affect your energy level. Some high-fiber ideas:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Legumes, which include dried peas, peanuts, alfalfa, and beans
  • Whole-grain foods, such as rolled oats, whole-wheat bread, brown rice pasta, and barley


Tip #3: Avoid overeating, and limit foods that have been linked with gas or bloating. Both conditions can make breathing uncomfortable. Such foods include:

  • Carbonated beverages, such as soda and sparkling water
  • Fried, greasy, or very spicy foods
  • Surprisingly, some produce is on this list, too! Examples are apples, avocados, melons, beans, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, and soybeans.


Finally, some interesting nutritional tips you might never have heard:

  • Always try to eat while sitting up – this will help take pressure off of your lungs and make meals more comfortable.
  • Try having five to six smaller meals a day, instead of the traditional three larger meals. Smaller meals don’t require your stomach to expand as much, reserving plenty of space for your lungs to expand and contract.
  • Try drinking your beverages after you’re finished eating. Drinking before or during a meal can make you feel full or bloated, which makes breathing uncomfortable.
  • Talk to your doctor before drinking alcohol. In addition to having no nutritional value, alcohol can slow your breathing and make it difficult to cough up mucus when necessary.


These tips are intended to provide information, but they are not meant to take the place of a doctor-supervised eating plan. Please talk with your doctor and/or nutritionist to create food guidelines specific to your condition and situation.


Thanks for letting Brevard Medical Equipment share these tips with you! And, as always, if we can be of any assistance, give our medical equipment experts a call at 321-453-3370. We’d be happy to chat with you.



Nutrition and COPD: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

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Learn more about the connection between nutrition and living with COPD.

Learn more about the connection between nutrition and living with COPD.

Nutrition and COPD: What You Need to Know (Part 1)


Often, when we consider nutritional choices, we weigh outcomes like our overall health, our weight, and our waistline. But did you know that for those living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, nutritional choices can actually affect their breathing efficiency and comfort?


Food fuels our bodies, similarly to how gasoline fuels our cars, and so the food that we choose directly impacts the energy that we have and the way that we feel. In this two-part blog post, Brevard Medical Equipment explores the connection between nutrition and COPD.


Simply put, the food that we eat and the oxygen that we inhale are converted into energy and waste products (such as carbon dioxide) during a process called metabolization. That energy is used for all of our activities – walking, talking, sleeping, and breathing.


For those living with COPD, breathing requires more energy than it does for a person living without the condition. In fact, for those individuals, the muscles used in breathing can require 10 times the number of calories to do their jobs! It seems obvious, then, that for people living with COPD, food choices are incredibly important.


In addition to giving you the energy you need, good food choices can help you maintain a healthy body weight. If you are living with COPD, being overweight can require your heart and lungs to work harder, which, in turn, makes breathing more difficult. In contrast, being underweight can open the door to fatigue, weakness, and lowered immune response. Talk with your doctor to determine your ideal weight and to decide how many calories you should be consuming each day to maintain that weight.


Stayed tuned for part two of our blog post, where we’ll share some specific suggestions for foods to include and avoid in your diet, along with some nutritional tips that you might never have heard! Brevard Medical Equipment cares about your health, and we’re excited to share this information with you. And, as always, if we can be of any assistance, don’t hesitate to give our medical equipment experts a call at 321-453-3370!



Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month: Fun facts about this delicious berry!

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They're not only delicious, but they're good for you, too!

They’re not only delicious, but they’re good for you, too!

Did you know that Florida is the second-largest strawberry producer in America?  In fact, our neighbor to the east, Plant City, is known as the “Winter Strawberry Capital of the World.” Because of our warm climate, growers in our state are able to harvest their berries from November until the end of March, while other U.S. production areas are dormant.

Florida berries are delicious AND packed with important nutrients – two great reasons to celebrate this fantastic crop! Today, Brevard Medical Equipment brings you 10 fun facts about this powerful little fruit.

  • Strawberries are high in potassium, Vitamin K, and magnesium, which are all important for bone health.
  • Eating eight strawberries a day has been shown to lower blood pressure and to have positive effects on memory and heart health.
  • Strawberries are packed with antioxidants that can improve cholesterol and increase eye health, along with high levels of Vitamin C, which can boost immunity and help prevent cancer.
  • You can dip your strawberries in dark chocolate for a double health treat, as dark chocolate has been shown to help keep white blood cells from sticking to blood vessel walls.
  • Strawberries are picked at their full ripeness, unlike some other fruits, which don’t ripen until after they’re harvested.
  • Strawberries are the only fruit that have their seeds on the outside! The average berry has about 200 seeds.
  • A bit of balsamic vinegar, lemon, or orange juice can bring out the flavor of strawberries.
  • Need a memory boost? The anthocyanins in strawberries have been shown to increase short term memory by 100 percent in eight weeks.
  • Strawberries are high in fiber, and one cup of the fruit contains only 54 calories.
  • Strawberries have a long history! Evidence that they grew wild in Italy has been found dating back to 234 B.C, and as early as 1300 A.D., the French began cultivating strawberries to use them medicinally.

Here at Brevard Medical Equipment, we are proud of our Florida strawberry farmers! This month, help us celebrate by enjoying their fabulous berries and the health benefits that come along with them.

You might even consider checking out the annual Florida Strawberry Festival, which is hosted by Plant City and runs from February 26th to March 8th this year. And, as always, if we can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to give our experts a call at 321-453-3370!


Fruits and Veggies, More Matters

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More fruits and veggies can keep you healthy.

Brevard Medical strives to bring you products that are life changing and helpful to your everyday life. Healthy eating is an important part of aging well and staying independent. September is Fruits and Veggies Month, with the theme “More Matters.”

This means all forms of fruits and vegetables matter, canned, frozen, fresh, or dried. As long as you are getting the many benefits from these healthy foods, it doesn’t matter how you are taking them in. Less than half of Americans get adequate fruit and vegetable consumption each week. We are going to give you a few reasons why “more matters.”

More matters:

  1. Fruits and vegetables are vibrantly colored and add flavor to your plate. Your plate will be more colorful and appealing.
  2. More fiber in healthy foods. Fiber can keep you feel fuller longer, so you are less likely to overeat. Your digestive system will also benefit greatly.
  3. Variety of options. There are many different fruits and vegetables out there that you may have never even heard of. Fruits and veggies give you many opportunities to make delicious and healthy recipes.
  4. Low in calories. Fruits and vegetables can settle sweet and salty cravings for a lot less calories than junk food. They leave you feeling satisfied without the guilt after.
  5. Quick and natural snack option. You can feel good knowing you are eating a food that is not heavily processed. They are conveniently easy to wash and peel on the go.
  6. Packed with vital nutrients. From calcium to vitamin C, you can find that all fruits and vegetables are packed with good things for you. From inside to the outside, fruits and veggies can keep you healthy all around.

Now that you know why “more matters” when it comes to fruits and veggies make a list of these healthy foods to get at the store next time you go. Contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.

8 Genius Ways to Use Ice Cube Trays

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With these different ways to use ice cube trays, you will never look at them the same again!

So you thought ice cube trays were only supposed to be filled with water, right? Think again. After you read this blog from Brevard Medical Equipment you will see ice cube trays in a whole new light. You may not even feel right about using them to actually make ice! From sweet treats to uses for practical cooking purposes, ice cube trays can be used for various reasons. Check out these cool hacks for ice cube trays that are fantastic for any reason.

8 Genius Ways to Use Ice Cube Trays

  1. If you are sick of watered down iced coffee, try making coffee ice cubes. Pour the pot of coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze and there you will have delicious frozen cubes.
  2. For your child or grandchild, freeze applesauce in the trays for a yummy frozen and healthy snack. This is also good for when they are teething.
  3. Freeze pasta sauce. Instead of freezing a whole jar, put the sauce in ice cube trays so it takes less time to thaw in the microwave.
  4. No longer worry about wasting half of the buttermilk again. Freeze the milk, so it can be easily accessed when you need it.
  5. Make hot chocolate on a stick. It is a small, yet delicious treat.
  6. Freeze healthy blended greens to add to your future greens.
  7. Freeze bananas with Greek yogurt to throw into a smoothie so it does not get watered down. An added bonus is you can eat it by itself too!
  8. Freshen up your garbage disposal up by freezing lemons and vinegar. Whenever your sink seems to smell, pop one in the garbage disposal and turn it on. This method is cost friendly and easy.

Brevard Medical Equipment is always looking for ways to make your life easier. We hope these hacks make your life easier in the kitchen, but we want to make your life easier everywhere else too. Check out our products for aids for daily living and walking assistance.

Pain Relief and Management: Quick Solutions

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pain relief

Fast Freeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief Gel is one of the many products we offer that can reduce aches and pains.

Pain management can be hard to keep up with when you are dealing with muscle aches and different pains in your back. With age, these pains seem to be increasing in frequency and discomfort, so you need a solution. At Brevard Medical, we understand that you need quick answers to make the pain tolerable so you can move on from the annoyance of these occurrences.

When aches and pains get in the way of living your life that can become a problem. Brevard Medical has pain management products that were developed to quickly give you a solution to getting your pain under control.

Muscle Pain Management

Your muscles may be sore from being physically active or from every day activities. Your muscles need relief and Brevard Medical has an affordable option that is comparable to the product known as Biofreeze which is a gel based skin applicant that gives the effect of hot and cold pain relief. Fast Freeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief Gel is half the price of comparable products and provides the same pain management. This product is ideal for arthritis pain and literally freezes the pain away!

Chronic Pain Management

Chromic pressure pains can be unbearable because they never seem to go away. Brevard Medical understands that you need a solution that is easy, affordable, and quick for your convenience. The EqualGel Cushion is made for advanced pressure redistribution to relieve those spots that are constantly feeling the pain issues. The all gel cushion is ideal for just about anyone needing pain management because it is gently contoured to provide stability.

Besides using cushions and gels for pain management, we offer other types of products for your relief. Pain relief may also be needed for other reasons so we provide a variety of offerings. From allergy relief to eye care, we have all of your pain management necessities.

Some Unique Things to Try for Your New Year’s Resolutions

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We’ve all heard the same old suggestions to living healthier and creating New Year’s resolutions: Eat better, exercise more and so on and so forth. The list of overused recommendations seems to continue endlessly from various reliable and unreliable sources. We have some interesting and effective suggestions for making 2013 your best year yet.

To help yourself improve your health this year, try starting a regular exercise regiment in combination with eating healthier.


Do you remember that thing called the food pyramid that we learned in earlier years? It was recently changed in 2011 to portray a plate and glass with five food groups, but the idea is the same: Keep your food intake healthy and balanced. A very common statement with dieting is that you must eat more fruits and vegetables, cut down on fat, etc. Though true, the focus in that statement is about eating a more balanced diet. It’s not all about the protein and fat. There are other areas that need to be considered such as carbs, sodium, sugars and fiber.

Additionally, studies have shown that keeping smaller bowls and plates, creates smaller portion sizes. Not only does this save you money, but it also keeps your hunger satisfied, without overeating.


It is important to keep your muscles and joints fresh and moving. Make sure that you’re doing the right exercise for the right reasons. Exercise isn’t all about losing weight or increasing strength. There are additional benefits such as increased heart health and flow of oxygen to the brain. Other popular benefits are increases in balance and flexibility. Especially when we start getting older, balance allows you to stay on your feet longer and more comfortably while flexibility provides a more free range of motion for day-to-day activities. Do some research into resistance training, an increasingly popular form of exercise perfect for blood flow and strength maintenance. It also doesn’t require much equipment so save some gym membership money!

Mental Health

Mental health is commonly overlooked for New Year’s resolutions and personal goals. Recent studies have shown that your goals are affected by your attitude. Keeping a healthy and optimistic mind keeps your internal mental health in top shape. Surrounding yourself with the same kind of people has the same effect. Especially when creating New Year’s resolutions, being around people with the same interests and goals provides motivation, a support group and peer goal maintenance.

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, always keep your goals within reach, but not too farfetched. Test out the waters in the beginning and learn what is too easy and what is too hard to find a nice middle ground. Too difficult of goals can create stress, which is not what your mental health needs or deserves.

Lastly, whether you follow our suggestions or create your own, consistency is essential. Don’t fall off the wagon for a week or two or take a break from your routine. Always keep yourself in check. If you cheat on your goals, you cheat on yourself. From all of us at Brevard Medical Equipment, good luck and enjoy this new year!

A Healthy Thyroid Means a Healthy You

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January is Thyroid Awareness Month and at Brevard Medical, we felt that it would be beneficial to discuss the gland and its role to the body and its functionality. The thyroid influences many of the body’s most important activities and can be a key piece to a healthy lifestyle. Various thyroid disorders can be the cause of some serious health issues. Unfortunately, more than half of the approximately 30 million Americans affected by the disorders remain undiagnosed.

You can ask your doctor for a thyroid scan like this one to help determine the condition of the gland.

The thyroid is a small gland located at the base of the neck, below the Adam’s apple, and is one of the largest endocrine glands. It controls the body’s use of energy, production of proteins and optimization of the amount of oxygen used by cells. This is just scratching the surface as the gland works in conjunction with some of the body’s largest organs, including the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and skin. Each listed organ is a large part of your body’s health and that is why the thyroid deserves more attention than it receives.

There are numerous problems that may arise from an unhealthy thyroid. Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism (the most common disorder) are the over- and underproduction of thyroid hormone. A change in hormone levels can create a fluctuation and imbalance of weight, blood pressure, heat sensitivity and numerous other problems. Other thyroid disorders may cause swelling of muscles, tissue and even the gland itself, forming a visible goiter. Thyroid cancer, another major problem, is one of the fastest growing cancers, yet one of the most curable. As with all cancers, an early detection can result in a significant difference in treatment.

The best way to stay proactive toward the thyroid is by performing the thyroid “neck check.” This simple evaluation, created by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, is a quick and proven method of checking for any abnormalities in the gland. All you need is a glass of water and a handheld mirror. The simple steps involve tilting your head back, taking a drink of water, swallowing and watching your neck as you perform the check. Identifying protrusions, bulges or any irregularities could be a sign that it’s time to consult a physician.

The important thing to remember is that staying on top of your thyroid and performing routine and regular checks can mean early prevention of conditions, disorders and diseases. This is month to recognize the thyroid, especially because it can greatly affect your wellbeing and comfort. We are always there to keep our patients healthy and relaxed in comfort.

For further information about the thyroid, including the thyroid “neck check,” visit

AACE is the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Founded in 1991, the AACE is the voice for clinical endocrinologists. Their 6,000 members in the US and 91 foreign countries make the organization the largest official group of advocates and professionals for the endocrine system.

A Healthy Start to the New Year

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As the year 2012 comes to a close, it is a time to reflect upon the last year and everything that took place. However, it is also a time to look forward to the New Year and see what we can improve upon or do better. Millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, goals to help improve their life in some way over the course of the next year.

Coming up with healthy New Year’s resolutions isn’t hard, so start adding goals to your blank list!

Most of these resolutions revolve around improving health in some form another, and for good reason. Health and fitness information is widely available. With that in mind, we would like to give you a few ways you can achieve a healthier lifestyle in the coming year.

Lose some weight- it has been proven in study after study that lower weight and body fat percentages are better for overall health. Lower body fat equals a lower risk of stroke or developing heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Eat better- fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats and low-fat dairy. Those should be what you eat the most of. If you’re having trouble at the grocery store with temptation, stick to the outside where those four items are located. Only go into aisles for a particular item, don’t cruise.

Exercise on a regular basis- getting your exercise in early in the morning puts you in a better frame of mind for the day, whether it’s walking, biking, swimming or weight lifting. Once you find a time that works best for you, stick with it.

Challenge your mind- you are only as good as your mind, so challenge it daily with Sudoku, word jumbles, memorizing lists or learning a new language. You’ll be surprised how well your brain functions in other parts of your life with a little training.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, we hope that you’ll join us at Brevard Medical Supply in working towards living a healthier life. We promise to continue to assist you and your loved ones with your pharmacy or home medical equipment needs into the New Year and beyond!