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Let’s have an adventure! Air travel tips for those with limited mobility

Posted on: February 25th, 2015 by BrevardBlogger No Comments
Is 2015 your year to travel?

Is 2015 your year to travel?

Traveling can present unique challenges for people with limited mobility. Car and bus trips often require careful transfer to and from wheelchairs or walkers, and they can involve long periods of sitting and bumpy conditions. Even still, because of the logistics involved in air travel, people with limited mobility sometimes visit destinations that are only within driving distance.

But there’s no need to limit yourself! If you do your research and make plans in advance, there’s no reason why you can’t have a safe and comfortable experience traveling by air. Brevard Medical has put together some ideas to help.

Give yourself extra time: When booking, check layover lengths to be sure that you will have adequate time to board and exit the aircraft and get to your connecting gate. Ninety minutes is a suggested layover length for those with limited mobility, but if you know you will be going through immigration or customs, try to plan for two hours. Also, on your departure day, arrive at the airport one hour earlier than the airline advises.

Choose your gear: If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a foldable wheelchair, this is a great time to do it! Many people prefer to travel with their own wheelchairs, rather than using an airport chair, and a foldable wheelchair can make this possible. As another bonus, foldable chairs can often be stored onboard, while manual wheelchairs that do not fold must be checked for transport in the cargo hold.

Consider renting: In many cases, it is far more convenient to rent medical equipment upon arriving at your destination. If you’ll be traveling to the Orlando area, we can help! Brevard Medical provides rentals for a wide variety of equipment, ranging from wheelchairs and scooters to portable oxygen concentrators and shower chairs. We offer delivery to the Orlando Airport and to Port Canaveral. Visit our rentals page for more information!

If this is your year to have an adventure, your friends at Brevard Medical are here to help! If we can be of any assistance as your prepare supplies for your journey, please give us a call at 321-453-3370. Happy travels!

Tips for Healthy Aging with Brevard Medical

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Healthy aging is important, so read our blog for tips.


Some people think of growing old as an experience they are not looking forward to. Brevard Medical is here to tell you different by celebrating Healthy Aging Month. September is Healthy Aging Month and it is focused around the bright side of aging and staying positive as age increases.

The process of aging is filled with family time and new experiences after retirement. An important part of healthy aging is taking care of your body physically and mentally. Aging does not have to mean you are stuck in the house and can’t get out and see the world. Healthy aging month is all about shining a positive light on aging gracefully and well. Brevard Medical is bringing you tips for healthy aging month.

  • Exercise your mind. As we age, it may seem like we lose some cognitive ability. Fight it by staying sharp! Work on crossword puzzles, regularly read books, and memory games.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a helping hand. A walker or cane can keep you from falls and injuries. There is no better way to age gracefully than to age without getting hurt.
  • Stay physically active. Whether you take your dog on a short walk every day or you tend to the garden, physical activity will help you feel and look better than ever before.
  • Hang out with supportive and loving people. There is nothing like having great friends and family to keep you occupied and happy. Stay busy so you don’t have to spend much time alone. Consider joining a club or lunch group to stay social.
  • Get up and dance! Dancing is great for your mind, body, and soul. It can keep you physically active and social. You won’t even feel like you are doing a workout and dancing keeps your mind in check.

Healthy Aging Month is all about you at Brevard Medical, so contact us today for all of your home medical needs. We are here so you can age gracefully!

Brevard- It’s Walk to School Day

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National Walk to School Day 2013 is October 9. National Walk to School Day was created to encourage school-aged children to get more exercise naturally by walking to and from school as weather and safety permits.

If you are a parent or grandparent of a school-aged child, Brevard Medical Equipment wants to know what you are planning to do to encourage the children in your life.

Walking to school used to be the rule, not the exception that needed a special day assigned to it. For most people of a certain age, walking or riding your bike to school was what you did. Parents only gave you a ride if the weather was bad or if you were really running late. Most kids today have become accustom to parent as chauffeurs on-call to take them everywhere and to keep them  supplied with snacks and videos while they are getting to where they need to go. Is it any wonder that the rate of childhood obesity is at an all-time high?

Walking to school can be social. Walking with a friend or group is a great way for kids to socialize, assuming they are not texting the whole time. It encourages kids from the same neighborhood to communicate more on a neutral territory. The distance to school seems shorter when you are engaged in conversation. Walking to school with others makes kids more accountable to the other person and less likely to skip or quit school.

Walking is healthy and a natural way to keep in shape at any age. Walking is good for building muscles and strength in growing children. Walking will increase blood flow to the brain before school and give kids a way to strengthen muscles after sitting all day in a classroom.

The best way to encourage your kids or grandkids to walk to school is so to walk with them. Start by walking with them to the school evenings or weekends to learn the route. It’s a great way to get some one-on-one time and will be great experience for both of you!

Brevard Medical Equipment does more than sell walkers, we encourage walking and hopes it lifts your spirits too!