How Compression Socks Can Significantly Help These 6 Types of People

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What do pregnant women, frequent flyers and athletes all have in common? They can all benefit from compression socks!

A compression sock (or compression stocking) is a garment that covers your calves, part of or all of your foot and sometimes your lower thighs. They aid in blood circulation, and are often prescribed to patients with lower extremity conditions such as various venous disorders or blood clots.

However, compression socks aren’t limited to those with specific medical conditions; they can be beneficial to many others as well:

Frequent Flyers- Staying in a sitting position for long periods of time is not good for blood circulation. In fact, it can increase the risk for deep-vein thrombosis, or blood clots. Compression socks can help by boosting circulation to the lower extremities while seated. They can also help with affects associated with altitude change.

Pregnant Women- Many women are familiar with that deep ache and tiredness that comes from carrying the extra weight of a child all day. One of the benefits of compression socks is increased support and comfort, giving women relief from tired, crampy legs and swollen feet and ankles.

Athletes- If you’re in the type of sport that requires a lot of running, you’re probably familiar with the fatigue that sets in during and after training sessions. Compression socks offer relief to your muscles and joints by encouraging increased blood flow to the affected limbs.

Nurses or Caregivers- From being on your feet all day to lifting patients, you put a lot of strain on your muscles and joints. By increasing lower extremity circulation, compression socks can aid in your overall comfort.

Office Workers- The boosted blood flow from compression socks has the same benefits for office workers as it does for the frequent flyer, since they’re both in a sitting position for extended periods of time.

Retail workers: Let’s face it, standing on your feet all day is exhausting. One way you can give yourself relief is by putting on a pair of compression socks. They can help you the same way they help nurses and caregivers.

The best part about compression socks is that they don’t have to cramp your style! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, from the crew cut to thigh-high. We have a wide variety, from colorful striped compression socks to invisible hose. Call us today, or check out our online catalog.

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