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Let’s have an adventure! Air travel tips for those with limited mobility

Posted on: February 25th, 2015 by BrevardBlogger No Comments
Is 2015 your year to travel?

Is 2015 your year to travel?

Traveling can present unique challenges for people with limited mobility. Car and bus trips often require careful transfer to and from wheelchairs or walkers, and they can involve long periods of sitting and bumpy conditions. Even still, because of the logistics involved in air travel, people with limited mobility sometimes visit destinations that are only within driving distance.

But there’s no need to limit yourself! If you do your research and make plans in advance, there’s no reason why you can’t have a safe and comfortable experience traveling by air. Brevard Medical has put together some ideas to help.

Give yourself extra time: When booking, check layover lengths to be sure that you will have adequate time to board and exit the aircraft and get to your connecting gate. Ninety minutes is a suggested layover length for those with limited mobility, but if you know you will be going through immigration or customs, try to plan for two hours. Also, on your departure day, arrive at the airport one hour earlier than the airline advises.

Choose your gear: If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a foldable wheelchair, this is a great time to do it! Many people prefer to travel with their own wheelchairs, rather than using an airport chair, and a foldable wheelchair can make this possible. As another bonus, foldable chairs can often be stored onboard, while manual wheelchairs that do not fold must be checked for transport in the cargo hold.

Consider renting: In many cases, it is far more convenient to rent medical equipment upon arriving at your destination. If you’ll be traveling to the Orlando area, we can help! Brevard Medical provides rentals for a wide variety of equipment, ranging from wheelchairs and scooters to portable oxygen concentrators and shower chairs. We offer delivery to the Orlando Airport and to Port Canaveral. Visit our rentals page for more information!

If this is your year to have an adventure, your friends at Brevard Medical are here to help! If we can be of any assistance as your prepare supplies for your journey, please give us a call at 321-453-3370. Happy travels!

Introducing a Wheelchair into a Home in 4 Steps

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Aids to assist a wheelchair patient in the home.

Tips for a wheelchair assessable home.


Introducing a wheelchair into a person’s life for the first time can be a big adjustment. They will have to make accommodations to their home, bathroom, vehicles, and daily routine.  Family and friends may also have to learn to adjust to the new addition. Whether a patient has been confined to a wheelchair because of an accident, injury, or surgery, learning to live with a mobility aid can be a stressful time. Brevard Medical Equipment has an abundance of wheelchairs to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a transport chair for temporary use or a reclining chair, we hope to provide you with one that will ease your mobility. Here we have offered 4 considerations to make in your home before introducing a wheelchair for the first time.

  1. Doorways must be at least 36 inches wide for a chair to fit comfortably through. Ensure your front door, hallways, bedroom and bathroom doors are all wide enough.
  2. Transfer chairs are recommended for increased bathroom safety. A wheelchair patient will be able to bathe or shower easier with a durable and easy to assemble bench. They come in different styles and colors for your needs.
  3. A reacher can be of great use to someone who has difficulty bending or limited mobility. When confined to a wheelchair it may be helpful for someone to have an arm extension. If a patient is home alone it is especially important for them to have access to items placed up high or on the ground.
  4. A bedside table can be helpful to someone who may be spending more time in bed or has limited mobility. They can eat or read easier with a table right beside them.

We hope you are able to accommodate your home appropriately for yourself or a loved one who uses a wheelchair. Brevard Medical Equipment invites you to visit our site and find supplies to aid your life.